RP's and the faction usergroups

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RP's and the faction usergroups Empty RP's and the faction usergroups

Post by N-13 "Galaar" on Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:47 am

For each faction in the Old Republic RP (and in later RP's as well), there are two usergroups; a faction group, and a faction LEADERSHIP group. Members of a faction group will be able to see the hidden planet subforum, the primary system for each faction where planning and discussions can be done in private. The members of the faction LEADER group have moderator permissions for this hidden forum, as well as being the leaders of that faction in particular.

The usergroup moderators (the first members of each respective group and the highest-ranked user in that faction) are responsible for adding users to these groups so they have access to the hidden forums. Currently, the usergroup mods are as follows:

(TOR) Sith Empire/Sith Empire High Command: CBM
(TOR) The Old Republic/Republic High Command: PHINN
(TOR) The Fringe/Fringe Council: Emjajoas

If you joined one of these factions and you have not yet been added to the member group for that faction, please bug your faction leader with PM's (once you make five posts and have PM privileges, of course) until they add you. Razz

If you are a faction leader, please use >this link< or click "Usergroup" on the navbar, to the left of "Profile", then click your respective group.

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